Broken Hill Hire has been in the business of modifying a range of machinery and equipment products since 1986. Many of these modifications have been based around the mining industry. These and many other modified products are available.
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Mine Modified Wheel Loader

Initially the attraction was the fact that the machines could be condensed enough to allow cageable access at most sites. This was soon surpassed by the performance and versatility of these machines once they were in the underground environment.




The standard modifications include H/D boom and cylinders that incorporates a hydraulic quick hitch system. This allows the smooth attachment and release of numerous implements, i.e. bucket, fork, jib, tire handler, rock breaker, backhoe etc.


  • Service work around maintaince areas
  • Clean-up of roadways, passes and cutes
  • General handling of stores & equipment
  • Rod handling for down hole hammers & raise borers
  • Articulated and small turning radius allows freedom of operation in confined spaces
  • Smaller capacity low emission engine keeping heat and gas levels to a minimum
  • Lower operating costs than other vehicles conducting that works
  • Ergonomics-driver friendly operation


Brick Lifter

Modified Brick lifter machines have become legendary in the business of providing service and reliability to your customers. Due to small turning circles and narrow width, these unit can operate on narrow roadways as well as the flexibility of being able to place product where the customer wants it on tight sites. Cycle times become much quicker through case of operation thus decreasing turnaround times and increasing productivity.

The Brick lifter may come in many different specifications to best suit your requirements available with fork expanders to allow the lifting of dual packs of bricks at a time as well as tiles and plasterboard.
A telescopic rops-fops canopy is also available to allow access under low areas. This unit is ASA compliant giving the operator the protection that he deserves.


Radio Controlled Excavator

This unit was designed and built to tap steel blast furnaces removing personnel from the danger zone.
The prefect solution for maintaining productivity and safety whilst keeping costs down.




Basket Tractor

These tractors have been modified to carry personnel and equipment in a mining environment. The biggest advantage is the savings on maintenance, as these machines are far more suited to the underground environment than conventional motor vehicles.



Timber Lifter

This machine was designed to stand timber 3 set high in underground timber stopes.Its purpose was to mechanise the operation , making the workplace safer and easier for the miners.
This unit is capable of picking up 250mm x 250mm x 3000 lengths of hardwood and placing them in horizontal or vertical positions up to 9 meters high.


Electric Excavator

This unit was built to sink a verticle shaft in a coal operation.The excavator was fitted with a 22 Kw electric motor and brought up to flameproof standard.



Many engine variants are available to suit your needs. We listen, assess then develop a custom engineered design for virtually any application.
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